Faculty of Computing and Meta-Technology was established on 01 February 2023. However, the concept of its establishment began in 1998 with the birth of the Department of Information Technology under the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) and then in 2002, the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology was established and Associate Dr. Mohamad bin Ibrahim was appointed as the first Dean of FST and the first Dean of FTMK. The restructuring of UPSI faculties was implemented on 1 June 2010 to increase the university’s competitiveness as a leader in innovation and creativity, including the education of the Faculty of Arts, Computers and Creative Industries (FSKIK). Associate Dr. -Ing. Maizatul Hayati binti Mohamad Yatim was appointed as the second FSKIK Dean to serve throughout the year 2014 to 2019. Most recently, the establishment of the Faculty of Computing and Meta-Technology (FKMT @ META) in 2023 has once again placed Prof. Associate Dr. -Ing. Maizatul Hayati binti Mohamad Yatim as the first Dean of FKMT.
META consists of two departments namely the Department of Computer Science and Digital Technology (CST) and the Department of Software Engineering and Smart Technology (SET) with a total of 63 teaching staff. At the beginning of its establishment, there was one professor, fourteen associate professors and a line of lecturers dedicated in the field of education with the integration of key fields such as Information Technology, Computer Science and Software Engineering, Multimedia Technology, Simulation Technology, Digital Game Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Reality Virtualization, IoT, Computer Engineering and Robotics.